Why getting free followers starts with your profile presentation

News 01:12 December 2019:

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Are you an avid twitter fan with few followers? Have you tried following hundreds of users but few bother to follow back? Well, you are not alone. Actually, most people visit your profile before hitting the follow icon. If you have no avatar pic or if your bio information is poorly written, people are less likely to follow you. So, if you want to be like your favorite celebrity and have hundreds of thousands free likes and free followers, work on your profile.

For your avatar pic, post a nice looking photo of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a nude (ladies), only a photo of you looking your best. Businesses however can post their logo or brand as their avatar, but make the graphics look good too.

When you have your profile looking amazing, anyone can freely follow you even when they don’t really like your post. Take for instance when you send a @message to a famous person hoping they will follow you back. If your profile and avatar pic looks good, they will most likely follow back. And of course when celebrities and public figures start following you, everyone else will want to follow you as well.